KoRo Women's Race Berlin on 13 May 2023

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Registration Information

  • Registration

    Registration for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin 2023 is possible until May 02, 2023, if the participation limit has not been reached before.

    The registration has to be made online via your personal user account.

    Since only persons of legal age are entiteled to create a user account, minors must be registered via the user account of a parent or guardian. At the beginning of the registration for an event you decide whether you want to register yourself or a minor.

    Don't have an account yet? Go to 'Plan your race > User account' for more information.

  • Eligibility

    According to the event name, only women are allowed to participate.

    Following German athletics regulations, the age groups that may participate in the competitions are:

    10 km: from age group 2011 (U14)

    5 km: from age group 2013 (U12)

  • Participation fee

    Prize Level Adult Youth

    10 K running / walking / nordic walking (only with time keeping)

    Level I

    28.00 €

    18.00 €

    Level II

    32.00 €

    21.00 €

    Level III

    36.00 €

    24.00 €

    5 K running / walking / nordic walking (with time keeping)

    Level I

    28.00 €

    18.00 €

    Level II

    32.00 €

    21.00 €

    Level III

    36.00 €

    24.00 €

    5 K running / walking / nordic walking (without time keeping)

    Level I

    26.00 €

    16.00 €

    Level II

    30.00 €

    19.00 €

    Level III

    34.00 €

    22.00 €

    The adult participation fee includes a donation of € 1,- for the Berlin Cancer Society.

    Pupils: 6.00 €

    Bambini: 5.00 € (participation limit: 700)

  • Awesome extras

    Bib number magnets: € 8.90*

    Goodbye safety pins! The Koro Women’s Race BibBits help you to attach your bib number without leaving nasty wholes in your running shirt. 

    • one set for € 8.90 consists of 4 magnets

    *while stocks last

    Certificate: € 7.50

    To protect our environment and for sustainability reasons, we will send your personal finisher certificate only on order. Approximately 4 - 6 weeks after the event, the certificate will be sent to you by mail. The printout of the finisher certificate from the online result list is still possible in the usual way.

    Medal engraving: € 11

    Have your medal engraved with your finish time in the post finish area.

    Bag Storage: € 5

    Take the chance and book our bag storage and leave your bag for your changing clothes and personal items with us for the duration of the race. 


  • Additional Donation

    In addition to the donation already included in the participation fee, you have the opportunity to donate to the Berlin Cancer Society in 5 € steps.

    Almost every time Cancer leads to higher expenses and lower income. With your additional donation, you help women in Berlin who are in financial need due to their cancer. The Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e.V. supports them unbureaucratically with its fund of up to 450 euros per person. These are often used to purchase new clothes after severe weight loss or a wig. The fund is 100% financed by donations.

  • Confirmation, start card

    You will receive a registration confirmation by email once you have successfully registered.

    About 7-14 days before the event we will send you an email with all information for your participation, including your personal start card. 

  • Generations Team (10K)

    You want to run together with your loved ones? Then sign up as a generations team for the 10 K distance! (The generations team is not applicable for the 5 K competitions.)

    Up to 5 participants can form a generations team. Here is how it works:

    Step 1 - The Applicant: 

    • One person agrees to register the generations team.
    • The registering person logs into her user account and start the registration for the event.
    • Within the registration process you'll be asked to "Create new team". Enter your team name there.
    • Then simply complete your registration.
    • The registration confirmation will be sent by email containing a team code. Please forward this code to your  other team members.

    Step 2 - Other members of the generations team:

    • Each team member needs an own user account to register.  
    • Login to your account and start your registration for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin 2022. 
    • When asked to "Join a team by code", enter the team code sent by the team applicant.
    • Each team member will receive their own registration confirmation after successfully registering with the code. 
  • Charity Teams - Show team spirit and set up a charity team!

    With a Charity Team, you can support women affected by cancer in Berlin beyond your participation in the run. This makes the Women's Race Berlin even more fun! 

    The idea is simple: You form a team with other runners or walkers. Together you collect donations in your community. The Berlin Cancer Society uses these funds to help women who are in financial need due to having cancer. A Charity Team consists of at least 2 participants. 

    Are you interested in more information about the Charity Teams? The team of the Berlin Cancer Society will introduce you to the campaign by e-mail and, if you wish, will support you in collecting donations with useful tips. Just write them an e-mail or form your Charity Team now and set up your donation page at www.berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de/frauenlauf

    You're welcome to contact the Berlin Cancer Society: Ralf Wagner

    wagner@berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de, 030 27 00 07-112


    Ralf Wagner

  • Time keeping

    The time keeping is done with the MIKA TAG. The MIKA TAG consists of the start number on which a transponder is attached.

    In order to guarantee the functionality of the MIKA TAG, the start number must not be bent or otherwise damaged and must be worn visibly on the chest.

    The timing is done as usual by running over the mats at the start and finish.

    Since the MIKA TAG is a "disposable transponder", there is no need to return the start number. It can be kept as memory.

  • Change of discipline

    For a change to another discipline a processing fee of € 5,-  will be charged. In addition, the difference to the current price level may be due.

    For example, if you register for 5km running without time (Level I) and you want to switch to 10km running (Level II) an amount of 11 euro in total is due. 

    You can either inform us in advance in writing via our contact form or in person when you pick up your race materials.

  • Cancellation, transfer

    SCC EVENTS registrations are non-refundable (see §6 of Conditions of participation) and non-transferable.

    Only individuals who have officially registered are permitted to participate in events organised by SCC EVENTS.

    Running without an official registration or "running for someone else"  is a violation of the terms and conditions for a participation in SCC EVENTS competitions (§ 4) and will result in disqualification.

    For the cover of the participation fee we offer the booking of ERGO INSURANCE.

  • Insurance

    Cancellation insurance is handled via the "Entry Ticket Insurance" product of ERGO Reiseversicherung-AG. It is an insurance covering the price of an entry ticket (here: participation fee).

    What is covered?

    The participation fee is covered if you cannot attend the event due to the occurrence of an insured event. Insured events are among others:

    • unexpected serious illness
    • serious accidental injury
    • Death

    If an insured event has occurred, the participation fee including the fees will be reimbursed.

    • Insured amount: Corresponds to the insured participation fee

    What is not insured?

    If the event is postponed or cancelled.


    Further information can be found in the online registration or in the product information sheet.

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