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SCC EVENTS Jobs – our current vacancies

Job opportunities at SCC EVENTS are very popular with job seekers. The fields of application and activities are as varied as our events. We are constantly strengthening our team. Are you interested? The application process and the entire personnel management are in the trusting hands of our HR Manager. You can find more details and information about current SCC EVENTS job offers here.

Wonderfully diverse jobs at SCC EVENTS

If you ask our HR Manager (more on Philip below) about what kind of SCC EVENTS jobs we offer, he would most likely answer: "From Aardvark training to Zebra painting, we can do it all." Hmmm, he might even be right about that, because the diversity of our teams makes anything possible. Whether you received vocational or university management training or are looking for an apprenticeship, we offer positions in operations, finance, participant management, event management, sponsoring/sales and marketing. We also have SCC EVENTS jobs in strategic management and public affairs as well as in IT, communications and graphics.

Simply put, you can juggle facts and figures or give free rein to your creativity, work with people or use your strengths to help organise our events.

We value our human resources

We are very clear about human resources at SCC EVENTS - we promote generalism and our employees cover every field. Our focus is on relationships - because that is what we cultivate every day. That's also why Philip is our HR manager. Philip maintains all relationships in the working environment, sets process standards, is a constant in the team and is seen as a sparring partner for all areas including SCC EVENTS jobs. At the same time, he is a questioner and answerer. Our HR takes care of personnel administration, payroll, personnel support and development together with the team leaders, plans personnel strategically, takes care of recruiting, supports communication and is present at personnel interviews. Furthermore, he acts as an interface regarding labour law, health insurance funds and insurance carriers as well as with our company doctor and the employers' liability insurance association.

Job contact for new employees

"If you think about it, we are all HR managers at SCC EVENTS," is how our HR-guy Philip describes his field of work. The native Berliner is the father of four boys and a fuzzy four-legged friend. Philip took over the Human Resources department at the end of November 2021. He is the contact person for all new employees, interested candidates and, of course, for the entire SCC EVENTS team. Philip is the number one contact person for SCC EVENTS job applicants and guides them through all the necessary steps until they start their first day with us. After that, he provides support in all matters concerning working at the Adler (the Eagle) - as we affectionately call our office in the Berlin Olympic Park.

FAQ for: SCC EVENTS is seeking new employees!

We have put together a FAQ for you so that you can find answers to the most important questions about finding a new job with us before you apply.

The best way for us to receive applications is via the email address "jobs(at)".

You will receive confirmation when we receive your application. We will then check the application to make sure that it is complete and will reach out with any questions if necessary.
We will then either send you an invitation to a meeting or a reasoned rejection. We usually set up two meetings, which are attended by the team leader, the HR manager and sometimes the management.
If everything seems like a good fit for everyone, we will make you an offer of a contract and ideally you will promptly join our team.

No. 1: Just be open about what you want to earn and what you hope to achieve with us.

No. 2: Concentrate on what makes you stand out (strengths, activities and successes). 

No. 3: You are on fire for sports

No. 4: Finally, read the SCC EVENTS job description very carefully.

People sometimes say that friendship stops when it comes to money. We say it doesn't have to stop, but, rather, we talk about it. At SCC EVENTS we work with salary ranges that take into account experience, skills and talents, while also providing the basis for personal development. Every year we analyse salary trends in the market. SCC EVENTS pays a 13th bonus month salary and lets employees participate in the company's success.

Yes, we offer training in the area of commercial professions and of course also in the area of sports.

Of course! Depending on availability, interns of all backgrounds are welcome. The most important thing is that they share our passion for sport.

We have recently completely renovated and equipped our offices. You will always find a height-adjustable desk, a comfortable office chair, enough light and lots of monitors in your office. Our location in the Olympic Park allows for many athletic activities around the SCC EVENTS job.

Yes, every employee is invited to an annual review at the end of the year. We discuss how the year went and where you would like to develop. In addition, there are feedback sessions during onboarding.