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Sport sponsors at SCC EVENTS

Whether it's a major international event or a regional event with tradition - SCC EVENTS moves around 200,000 participants every year as part of its various sporting events. The spectrum ranges from one of the world's largest running events - the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with more than 40,000 runners, up to one million spectators and worldwide media presence - to target group-specific events such as the KoRo Berlin Women's Race or the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin bicycle race. Each of the 17 larger and smaller events has its own distinctive character. The overwhelming enthusiasm with which amateur and professional athletes, children as well as adults participate is always the same.

Sports events as an optimal sport sponsoring stage

Our advertising and sport sponsorship partners come from a wide variety of industries and corporate forms. Together, we develop tailor-made opportunities to place a brand in the best possible and most effective way within the context of the events.

The most important basis for a sport sponsor partnership are our values. They form the basis of our joint commitment:

  • Shared values and brand fit
    SCC EVENTS stays for running and endurance sports in Berlin and Germany. We identify with the values of cosmopolitanism, tolerance and diversity. We are associated with the terms dynamism, competence and responsibility. We live out these values every day in our work. From the organization to the implementation of an event. Therefore, we are specifically looking for partnerships that share our passion and values.
  • Individual objectives
    For SCC EVENTS, the focus of every advertising and sport sponsoring partnership is on individual objectives. We would like to achieve your goals together with you.
  • Long-term cooperation
    For us, sponsoring is the basis for long-term cooperation with a win-win situation for all parties involved and not a pure marketing field.

Sport sponsoring structure & service portfolio of SCC EVENTS

Whether as title sponsor, main and co-sponsor or partner or supplier - we offer you the opportunity to effectively present your brand within the framework of our events. Clear sponsorship specifications form the framework for this. Of course, we adapt the sponsorship to the respective ideas and objectives.

  1. Title sponsor
  2. Main sponsors
  3. Co-Sponsors
  4. Partner/Supplier

Communication and advertising media at SCC EVENTS

We understand sponsoring as a core instrument of an integrated marketing approach. Accordingly, our service portfolio is diversified and offers our partners more than a mere communication platform. At SCC EVENTS, there are various communication and advertising media that can be used. We would be happy to design a customized solution together with you.

Contact for sponsoring opportunities in sports

The SCC EVENTS sport sponsoring team is pleased to inform you about the possibilities of a commitment in sports as an event partner. We will advise you personally and work with you to find the perfect integration into our events.