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Experiencing charity sporting events together

Bringing people together and inspiring them to go the next step are important components at the core of SCC EVENTS. They are also at the basis of the actions of our shareholder — Sport Club Charlottenburg e. V., which as a non-profit is committed to social diversity. Together with charity partners and participants who support these charities, we are moving people—in Berlin and around the world.


Joining together to help out provides a motivational boost for everyone

For many decades, supporting social projects has been an integral part of the organisation of our events. It fills us with joy that we are inspiring athletes to get involved in a good cause or charity organisation. We not only offer a platform to do so, but also lend a hand. Helping out provides a motivational boost for everyone involved. Our vision is to create more intense charity sporting event experiences together with the participants and charity partners at our sporting events — and to help people who aren’t usually the centre of attention.

The focus of our social commitment

The focus of our social commitment at SCC EVENTS is on the Berlin/Brandenburg region, with an emphasis on children & youth, health, exercise and sustainability. Together with our charity partners, we also support projects outside the city and state borders that represent some of our participants. At the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON alone we collect over two million euros for social projects every year.

This is how multifaceted an SCC EVENTS charity sports event experience can be

Charity race entries provide motivation boosters

Many of our participants are aiming to achieve goals beyond their own personal ones. It's not just about topping best times or experiencing the special flair of endurance events. Rather, more and more people want to positively charge their intensive training by becoming charity supporters. The steadily increasing number of charity runners and cyclists offers a very special community feeling. When participating at a charity sporting event, such as the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, the VeloCity Berlin or the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, all it takes is one thought of the happy faces of those who are being helped to provide some extra motivation. It is a moving experience for everyone.

The participation fee provides for beaming faces

Traditionally, SCC EVENTS completely waives participation fees for the Berlin New Year's Run. Instead, for many years SCC EVENTS has appealed to the participants who want to welcome in the new year athletically to make a donation. For the past 12 years, the donations have gone to the Björn Schulz Foundation. The foundation supports families in Berlin with children, adolescents and young adults suffering from cancer, chronic illnesses, serious illnesses and terminal illnesses. So far, over 50,000 Euros have been collected for the good cause in this manner.

One of the oldest women's charity runs in Germany – the KoRo Women's Run Berlin – is also a true charity sporting event. Since 1984, the joint commitment by the participants, SCC and title partner to support the fight against breast cancer has been the trademark of the race’s predecessor, the AVON Berlin Women's Run. Every year, part of the participation fee is donated to the hardship fund of the Berlin Cancer Society. In addition, charity teams formed by individual participants also are getting involved in the good cause.

Nourishment is important — not only for endurance athletes

Especially at our events with large numbers of participants and depending on the distance, refreshments along the course plays an important role. For the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, for example, we provide around 90,000 organic bananas and 45,000 apples from regional harvests. We include enough to ensure that every athlete gets some fruit. Depending on the weather, the hunger factor and the actual number of participants, there often is food left over. But don't worry, even when that happens we have a charitable mindset. Any food that is not consumed goes to our charity partner, the Berliner Tafel (The Berlin Table). They pass on the donations to those in need.

Participants donate clothes in the spirit of a charity sporting event

At the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON and at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, participants have a choice. They can either receive a transparent clothes bag for storage or opt to forgo the bag and receive a warming poncho after the race. The so-called "poncho runners", but also many other participants, usually come to the start wearing warm sportswear on race morning. They often wear layers of older gear, but still in decent condition. Shortly before the start, participants turn into a charity sports event supporters: the warming sportswear is discarded in the starting area, thus generating a clothing donation. When picking up their race numbers for the event at the EXPO, many of the participants already took the opportunity to donate their older running shoes that were still in good condition at the Green Line stand to donate them. The Berliner Stadtmission is happy to receive clothing and shoes, and will pass on the donations to those in need. Many unhoused people in the capital appreciate receiving the sporty clothing, with which they can better integrate themselves into the Berlin cityscape and thus move around a bit more confidently.

Exercise for children in schools—a special charity sports event idea

A love of exercise and running often starts at school. Our commitment is not limited to our events. We believe that schools can help to develop the idea for the charity sport events. According to current statistics from the World Health Organisation, 80 percent of children and youth people do not get enough exercise. We want to provide support not only to kids who start in our events such as the Bambini Run, Kids Skating, the mini-MARATHON or the VeloCity Kids&Youth. Together with the institutions of the Berlin Senate Department, for several years we have been involved with and have offered running training with the experts of SCC EVENTS Sports and Medicine at a total of six primary and secondary schools in Berlin.

Become a part of the charity sports event world at SCC EVENTS as a charity partner

  1. You want to move people through charity entries with guaranteed places together with SCC EVENTS?
  2. Are you a charity organisation and believe your understanding of values is in line with our visions and missions
  3. If you are also active in the Berlin/Brandenburg region in the areas of children & youth, health, exercise or sustainability, please contact us.

If your values align with our goals, let’s collaborate!