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The SCC EVENTS Experts Team

Sports and Medicine Department - The Medical Board

In addition to the care of athletes, our staff and associated board members of the SPORTS & MEDICINE Division focus primarily on the specialised medical planning of major sporting events. Structure and evaluation as well as care and cooperation with the emergency and medical services are of great importance.

Running experts from the medical field

Medical risk and preventive management is always a major focus for us. Comprehensive care before, during and after an event is therefore guaranteed at all times. The concentrated knowledge of our running experts from the fields of medicine and training science, as well as from our board and leadership roles at international sporting events is shared with the organisers, committees and, above all, with athletes across various sports and at all levels of performance.

PD Dr. med. Matthias Krüll

Medical Director and Executive Board Member (Medical) of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and of SCC EVENTS

Dr. Matthias Krüll is a specialist in internal medicine with a focus on pneumology, infectiology and emergency medicine/specialist in emergency medicine. As chief race physician and medical director, Dr. Krüll is responsible for the standards and quality measures at major sporting events. He also acts as an advisor to the management in the area of medical care.

Furthermore, he is responsible for approval-relevant medical processes for safety concepts and is the first point of contact for national and international institutions, Berlin state authorities and administrations. As a member of the Executive Board, Dr Krüll is responsible for emergency medical planning and implementation.

Dr. Matthias Krüll is active in these areas:

  • since 2019: Medical Delegate “European Athletics, EA”
  • since 2017: Member of the Executive Board of the International Institute for Race Medicine, IIRM
  • 2017-2018: Medical Director, “Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships
  • since 2011: Partner at SMS Sportmedizin Berlin
  • since 2010: Medical Director, ISTAF
  • since 2010: Medical Director, SCC EVENTS GmbH and BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
  • 2009: Vice Medical Director, 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin
  • 2009: Therapeutic Use Exemption IAAF/WADA, 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin
  • 2008: Therapeutic Use Exemption NADA/WADA, DSV Olympic Team Beijing
  • since 2008: Member of the SCC EVENTS GmbH Medical Board
  • since 2007: Medical Director, BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
  • since 2003: Member of the SCC EVENTS GmbH Medical Team

Dr. Matthias Krüll’s expertise:

  • 2008: Specialisation in internal medicine and pneumology and authorisation for further training
  • 2007: Habilitation/Venia Legendi Charité University Medicine / Humboldt University of Berlin
  • 2006: Additional specialty, “Infectiology
  • 2004: Specialist in “Internal Medicine
  • 1998: Certificate of qualification in “Emergency Medicine”

Simone Salzger

Medical Director and Executive Board Member (Medical) of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and SCC EVENTS

Doctor Simone Salzger is a specialist in general medicine, sports medicine and emergency medicine. She is the first contact person in this SCC EVENTS department and is internally responsible for the operative medical planning in the overall process of event planning as well as the implementation with the team.

She reports to the Medical Board and, as head of department, is the first contact person for process management. In addition, Simone Salzger is responsible as a board member for the athletes and trainers of the Marathon Team Berlin

Simone Salzger is active in these areas:

  • since 2019: Medical Director, SCC EVENTS GmbH and BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
  • since 2018: Support for Marathon Team Berlin
  • 2018: European Athletics Championships, Assoc. Medical Director
  • since 2017: Medical Board at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
  • until 2017: Medical Director, FC Memmingen Football Bavaria League
  • 2014: European Athletics Championship doctor, Switzerland
  • 2012: Physician, London Olympic Games
  • since 2011: Member of the Medical Team for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
  • 2009: Medical Team Member at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin

Simone Salzger’s expertise:

  • Doctor of general medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Paramedic

Dr. Margrit Lock, MD

Executive Board Member (Medical) of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and SCC EVENTS

Dr. Margrit Lock is a specialist in orthopaedics, trauma surgery, sports medicine and insurance consultant for the professional associations. Due to her former activities as a competitive athlete and trainer as well as her studies in sports science, she comes entirely from the field of athlete care. Dr. Margrit Lock is involved in the medical planning and implementation of major sporting events.

As a board member, she is responsible for the orthopaedic and trauma surgery management for the care of international top athletes at SCC EVENTS events and for Marathon Team Berlin.

Dr. Margrit Lock is active in these areas:

  • since 2018: Team doctor, Marathon Team Berlin
  • 2018: European Athletics Championships. Head of the Orthopaedics / Trauma Surgery Department
  • since 2011: Team doctor, figure skating at the “Cup of Berlin
  • since 2010: Team doctor at ISTAF Berlin and ISTAF Indoor
  • 2009: Team doctor at the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin
  • 2006: Team doctor at the FIFA World Cup in Berlin
  • since 2005: recommended examiner for the German Society for Sports Medicine
  • since 2001: Doctor on the “Medical Team” of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and various SCC EVENTS running events
  • since 1998: doctor in charge of national and international top athletes in swimming, athletics, triathlon and figure skating.

Dr. Margrit Lock’s expertise:

  • 1999-2005: Residency, Clinic for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery at the Evangelical Waldkrankenhaus Spandau/ Berlin, CA Prof. Dr. med. Noack
  • 1995-1999: Residency, Clinic for Surgery / Trauma Surgery at Wenckebach Hospital Berlin, Prof. Dr. med. Bär and Dr. med. Kemps
  • 1987-1994: Studied human medicine and sports science at the Free University of Berlin

Angela Hänsel

Angela Hänsel holds a degree in sports science with a focus on endurance and a supplementary focus on sports management and rehabilitation. As a former top German runner, she has a great deal of experience in training top athletes as well as amateur and recreational runners.

At our events, Angela Hänsel is also responsible for planning and implementation in the areas of medical logistics and medical management as well as for planning the last-minute emergency consultations at the EXPOs at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON.

Angela Hänsel is active in these areas:

  • 2018: Member of the Team (Medical) at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin.
  • since 2014: board member of the SCC BERLIN sport-for-health department
  • Since 1993: a coach in swimming and athletics.
  • Competitive swimming
  • Competitive athletics until 2003 (800m to half marathon)

Angela Hänsel’s expertise:

  • 1996-2003: Studied sports science at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
  • 2005-2014: Sports scientist with focus on medical performance diagnostics at SMS SportmedizinBerlin
  • Trainer B-license: preventive exercise in water
  • Trainer C-license: athletics
  • Trainer C-license: orthopaedic rehabilitation sport

Fabian Köppe

Fabian Köppe is a student trainee at SCC EVENTS in the SPORTS & MEDICINE department. Mr. Köppe is mainly responsible for the planning and implementation of medical logistics and for preparatory measures for the implementation.

Fabian Köppe is active in these areas:

  • since 2018: SCC EVENTS GmbH SPORTS & MEDICINE department
  • Since 2016: coaching activities (hockey + tennis).

Fabian Köppe’s expertise:

  • 2016 – 2018: sports management at the University of Potsdam
  • 2018: transferred to Sport & Applied Training Science at the DHGS (German College for Health and Sport)
  • DOSB (German Olympic Sports Association) exercise instructor, level B, for internal medicine and orthopaedics
  • Sports prevention and rehabilitation

Fabian’s motto: Live every day as if it were your last!

Additional running experts on duty

In addition to the SPORTS & MEDICINE department, our long-standing sports medicine partner “SMS Sportmedizin Berlin”  and its team are always involved in the implementation and care of SCC EVENTS events. In addition to their active running careers, Deborah Schöneborn and Katja Fischer also work as doctors at SCC EVENTS events.

At the highest medical level

Every year, more than a hundred team members from different medical disciplines support us, making it possible for SCC EVENTS to work at a very high international standard. The 35-member medical team, consisting of doctors in private practice, doctors from clinics, medical specialists and physiotherapists, is always involved in the medical support of all SCC EVENTS events, in addition to our internationally renowned events. Without them and hundreds of volunteers, the services of the Johanniter Unfallhilfe and the Berlin Fire Brigade medical and emergency response teams, it would be impossible to provide the necessary services to support all 200,000 participants with the highest level of medical care on their way to the finish line.