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Our visions and missions

Our hearts clearly beat for sport. In sports, values such as fairness, team spirit and loyalty are lived out. We also adopt these values for our workplace. Whether at an event along the course or in the office - good results can only be achieved with prudence, consideration and mutual support as a team.


This is what SCC EVENTS stands for

Our team stands for these values and lives them day by day!

This is our credo:

  • We stand for fair cooperation, gender equality, inclusion and cultural diversity!
  • We actively and resolutely stand up against discrimination, homophobia and sexism of any kind and stand up for the abolition of violence and injustice!
  • We are for acceptance and participation!
  • We are convinced that sport can strengthen, maintain and improve people's mental and physical health!
  • We are sure that sport can positively influence and strengthen self-confidence and body awareness - whether in younger or older people!

Sustainability as an important guiding principle

Sustainability is also particularly important to us, both in our events and in our daily activities and office life. We are making steady progress and trust in the process towards more sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation - without fig leaves and greenwashing.

To this end, we have been certified by the environmental management system EMAS and are constantly working toward sustainable and resource-saving events and travels in the areas of waste, noise, water and CO2 as part of our environmental management. Our GREEN LINE provides further information on the subject of sustainability. Please also visit our GREEN LINE stands at the EXPO of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON .