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SCC events history

SCC EVENTS - A success story

When the BERLIN MARATHON ventured from the Grunewald Forest into the Berlin City in 1981, the wave of success was unstoppable. 3,486 participants from 30 nations and the consistently positive response nationally and internationally helped launch the biggest event organized by Sport Club Charlottenburg. In order to place the organisation and marketing of the growing event in professional hands, SCM Sport Consult & Marketing GmbH was founded two years later. Sponsorship acquisition, top athlete support, marketing and merchandise were no longer handled exclusively by volunteers, but by permanent employees.


Years of growth

The BERLIN-MARATHON grew and prospered, and other up-and-coming events such as the AVON Berlin Women's Run and the Berlin Half Marathon were added, becoming the largest events of their kind nationally. In 1990, the running organiser changed its name to SCC Veranstaltungs GmbH. Inline skating and relay competitions expanded the range of events, and the number of athletes registered each year rose to over 100,000. At the same time, the number of employees and the specialisation into individual departments grew. Another name change to SCC-RUNNING Events GmbH (2002) was followed by years of consolidation and growing opportunities for the expanding running community. Training and preparation courses, running camps, running meetings in cooperation with sponsors and the Bambinilauf series for the youngest runners has continued to increase the incentives to be active in sports.

A move to the Olympiapark Berlin

Due to the continuous development of the company, the advisory board was founded in 2006. With the move of the offices to Adlerplatz in the Olympiapark Berlin in 2010, the last name change to SCC EVENTS also took place. Since then, SCC EVENTS has become one of the largest sports event organisers in the world, organising eleven running events per year, three inline skating races, two relay races, one cycling event and one SwimRun event (Rheinsberg). In 2022, nearly 200,000 athletes were registered. The company now has 74 permanent employees. 

The Sport-Club Charlottenburg e.V., founded in 1902, is the owner of SCC EVENTS GmbH. The income of SCC EVENTS GmbH also flows back into the association for the promotion of sport and school projects, among other things.