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The SCC EVENTS team: Who we are

We are a team of more than 70 sports and event enthusiasts, creative and passionate people who spare no effort and pursue one goal together: To make every event the best event for our participants.


What makes us special

What makes us special is that we are a team! None of our events works without each and every member of our team playing their part. We are coordinated and depend on each other. Everyone can rely on everyone else!

Our partners can expect the same from us - a team that pulls together and works tirelessly for the success of the event. In service, in cooperation, in the results! For our team and working environment, we rely on fair treatment, consideration and mutual support.

We expect nothing less than the best - for our runners, our community and our partners!

The creative, sports-minded team of SCC EVENTS

Sylvia Ackermann
Nicole Altenhof
Philipp Altmeppen
Georgia Andrews
Oliver Bach
Jennifer Barthel
Linda Baumgart
Maximilian Bodenstab
Gerte Buchheit
Ralf Burzlaff
Ray Butendeich
Paul Bär
Ümit Cakmak
Nadia Dagher
Mareike Dehmel
Johannes Dinter
Vincent Dornbusch
Robert Fekl
Aike Fokkena
Michael Fuchs
Anika Gerlach
Michael Gerlach
Antonella Giglio
Marc Goldmann
Sophie Gröger
Anika Günther
Chiara Hager
Gunnar Hamel
Elisabeth Hanke
Sarah Hecker
Katharina Holle
Daniel Hoppe
Monique Hoppe
Sybille Hoppe
Carsten Humrich
Angela Hänsel
Celia Jentzsch
Christian Jost
Antje Jüntgen
Philipp Kadow
Stephanie Kamen
Jette Kasper
Tom Kettelhut
Linda Kollmann
Sabrina Krause
Lara Krist
Heike Krone
Judy Kumutat
Katja Lange
Philip Lehmann
Laurenz Lenard
Johanna Lies
Jürgen Lock
Noah Löffler
Anja Lüthke
Marcus Mahlo
Yvonne Meissner
Nadine Mietke
Mark Milde
Melanie Moll
Britt Munzlinger
Markus März
Robert Müller
Stefanie Münzberg
Antje Paschke
Gregor Pfennig
Achim Rau
Janin Reinhardt
Anja Reisner
Ines Rentsch
Marcel Reppien
Maren Riedel
Dominik Rosenau
Max Roy
Simone Salzger
Simone Schmidt
Jochen Schmitz
Vincent Schneider
Vivian Schneider
Juliane Schäperkötter
Anika Semmer
Stella Strohbach
Marion Strolz
Laura Tapia
Lara Vogel
Jakob Wartchow
Marit van Eijk
Janis vom Hoff

Become part of this successful team

More than 70 event-enthusiastic and passionate people in our team are looking forward to welcoming you as a new employee.


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