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Marathon training mini-camps and running camps for a perfect marathon preparation

For all Berliners and non-Berliners who like their running training to be effective but also compact, we offer our training mini-camp and running camps to help you ideally prepare for a marathon.

Premium training camp for marathon runners in the Algarve region

For all the running community who want to run a few kilometres in the warm fresh air in light gear as early as February and March, our marathon running camp is the perfect choice. Join us together with on the beautiful Algarve coast in Portugal. You will not only find lots of sunshine on the dreamy beaches of Monte Gordo but also everything else you need to run and train for your next event (such as the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON or the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON).

It is essential to not only keep your body fit and trained. Up-to-date knowledge is just as important as good fitness. At our camp, we also provide important lectures and discussions to keep our participants current with the latest running ideas. This all takes place out on our long runs but also in a relaxed atmosphere during mealtimes. All participants complete a field test, as well.

Join us, and maybe you will run into one or the other running or triathlon pro on the Algarve coast!

Marathon training directly in Berlin

Home is almost as nice as the Algarve, isn't it? For the running community who prefer to do their marathon training closer to home, we currently offer marathon training mini-camps on two weekends a year in Berlin for extensive marathon preparation.

These marathon training camps also include a field test with corresponding evaluation and training recommendations. In addition to running, you will also be introduced to everything else you need to prepare. Running ABCs and various stretching and strength exercises are also on the training schedule for marathon preparation. Interesting lectures and discussions with our doctors and running experts round off the weekend to help you cross the finish line quickly (for example, at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON)!